Andrea Claire Maio is filmmaker, artist and educator. The immersive experience of documentary filmmaking functions as her creative source, from which short films, essays, photographs, audio documentaries, installations and performances ensue. She uses non-fiction first person narratives to explore the boundaries between subject and object. From her radio narrative for This American Life, about a young girl’s unlikely friendship with a demonized leader of a foreign nation, to Sleeper Lake Fire, her film about her night spent with a philosophical crew leader on one of Michigan’s largest wilderness fires, Maio tells stories of unlikely intimacies that have a transformational effect on their participants.

Just before Hurricane Katrina, She traded her car for a 1950s houseboat and spent a year living with a group of adept, freewheeling boat punks on the Mississippi River, floating from Winona, Minnesota, to Morgan City, Louisiana. She had never piloted a boat before. Her sometimes harrowing, sometimes heavenly experiences on the river culminated in a multimedia piece titled Burn This Boat, that premiered at the Maya Deren Theater at the Anthology Film Archives in New York City. In addition to her personal creative endeavors, Maio has taught experimental and documentary film courses and workshops at the University of Missouri, the University of Michigan, the Maine Media Workshops and Interlochen Center for the Arts. She also works does freelance video production work under the name Apiary Projects.

In addition to Back to Your Senses, Andrea is directing a documentary about Psychic turned filmmaker who calls himself The Unicorn, writing a script about based on the true story of Ethel Dare, Flying Witch, a daredevil stunt jumper who fell to her death after leaping from a biplane above the sand dunes of Northern Michigan in the 1920s, and collaborating with filmmaker Lily Baldwin on a series of short dance narratives.

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