Micro-Episode #2: Emily

Recently Emily left New York City, where she had a successful career working for magazines including The New Yorker, GQ, and Gourmet, to return to her home state of Michigan, and live a life more in line with her ideals. Here, in the tiny village of Elberta, on the shores of Lake Michigan, Emily is working to revive a long retired community newspaper, and to turn her small plot of land within the village limits, into a homestead that can sustain her.

Producer, Director, Editor: Andrea Claire Maio
Camera: Jeff Morgan
Music: Mildew and Star

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One Response to Micro-Episode #2: Emily

  1. Pamela leblanc says:

    Emily is intriguing. I like the ‘grittiness” of the images, her soft and self assuredness and guts. The opening scene of what might be called a desolate landscape comes to life w/ your sound track. You are ‘cookin in the
    kitchen’ w/ what you’ve produced so far Andrea!

    One question – does the camera have to be quite so nervous(shaky) in the sit-down interviews? Don’t know the answer.

    With support and love, Pam

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